How to Choose the Right Equipment for Freeze Drying Method?

How to Choose the Right Equipment for Freeze Drying Method?

Fruit and vegetables are available fresh at certain times of the year. It is essential to consume at the right time, as vegetables and fruits consumed in their season are much more beneficial and nutritious. However, it is also possible to consume food at any time of the year by storing it correctly.

There have always been methods developed and tried for storing food. Alternative methods have been used since the importance of keeping the food intact and preserving its nutritional values was understood. Among these methods, the freeze-drying method stands out as it is both healthy and practical.

For the freeze drying method, as in all other processes, it is necessary to work with the right equipment. Since many different steps will take place to freeze and dry foods, it is necessary to complete this process with the right products. The freeze-dryer varieties offered by Liyolife stand out in choosing the right equipment for this process.

How is the Freeze Drying Process Performed?

The freeze-drying method, which emerged in the search for the right method to store food, is a very efficient option. The freeze-drying method is a practical solution for storing foods for a long time and with their nutritional values. As a basic principle, it is a process made by utilizing the change of state of matter at low pressure and temperature.

Thus, after the water in the food is frozen and solidified, it is converted into the gas form directly by sublimation. In this way, while the water in the food is removed quickly, it is possible to preserve the nutritional values. There are essential tricks for this process, which seems quite simple when being explained. For this reason, choosing the right equipment for the freeze-drying method is very important.

The equipment to be used for the freeze-drying method must first be made of materials suitable for food contact. Thus, the contact of foods to be consumed with health is prevented with any foreign substance. Choosing from products of different volumes and sizes among the Freeze Dryer models is as important as choosing equipment.

There are many freeze dryers in different volumes of Lyolife products. It is possible to find products that can be used for household use or for larger purposes, with variables such as the amount of energy used, volume, and product capacity.

How to Freeze Dry Fruit at Home?

Storing foods by drying is a valid method for many foods. Especially dried fruit is preferred because it has many different uses. However, since many fruits have a high water content, drying them can be quite troublesome. The freeze-drying method has a system that will eliminate this hassle. Since it works with low temperatures and pressure, it is a much healthier and more practical option than the heat drying method.

Drying fruits can be done at home in a very practical way using the right equipment for the freeze drying method. Thus, reaching all fruits with the same nutrition in all four seasons is possible. Liyolife freeze dryer products also have options that are ideally sized for home use.

One of them is the FD5 model. This product offers one of the most reliable ways of drying food in the home environment, with a volume of up to 5 trays. It can be used easily because it has enough space and power to dry the fruits in the home environment.

If there is enough space, other models can be preferred for the home drying method. At the same time, Liyolife has other products that you can provide the right equipment for the freeze-drying method.

One of the right equipment options for the freeze-drying method is a device called Cold Trap. Thanks to Cold Trap, it is possible to increase the vapor holding level of the device during the freeze-drying process. Thus, it is possible to bring the amount of moisture in the food to very low levels.

The Importance of Drying and Storing Foods

The method of storing food by drying has been used since ancient times. It is widely preferred because it is one of the most practical and effective drying methods. It is also very important because it is a method that ensures that food is available in all seasons and at any time.

At the same time, since the spoilage of foods stored by drying is prevented, waste is also prevented. With the developing technology, the importance of not only food preservation but also its nutritional values is known today.

What is the Right Equipment for the Freeze Drying Method?

It is necessary to understand the working principle of freeze-drying. Since it is a method created by providing some physical balances, the use of wrong equipment can only cause loss of time and product. Ambient conditions are always necessary for the state of matter to change.

For the freeze-drying method, sublimation, one of the substance’s state changes, is used. For this process, the temperature and pressure values must be low. Thus, the liquid in the food is directly removed.

The importance of using the right equipment for the freeze drying method also comes into play here. If the appropriate temperature and pressure values cannot be provided stably, the humidity rate in the product may not be at the desired level. Another possibility is that nutritional value may be lost in the absence of suitable conditions. For this reason, it is necessary to use the right equipment for the freeze drying method.

Liyolife products offer effective solutions to the search for the right equipment for freeze drying method. Some Freeze Dryer models that you can obtain by examining our site can be listed as follows;

All these products are produced for freeze drying and can be used for many different purposes. Especially considering the capacity of the product to be dried, it is also possible to choose among models with large volumes. The highest level of nutritional value protection is ensured for all Lyolife freeze dryer models.

Areas Where Freeze Drying Method Can Be Used

The freeze drying method is an option that can be used in many areas. You can freeze-dry food just for you and your family. Thus, you plan a large part of your annual nutrition plan. In addition, you can reach many people with a large-scale study. Thus, it is possible to earn an income by drying large quantities of products. As a result of the freeze drying process with the right equipment, you will be in an advantageous position in every possible way.

Since you can safely use the foods you have stored with the freeze-drying method, you can also include them in baby nutrition. You will have your own special recipes ready when you need them most from the start of the supplementary food process.

Freeze-dried foods also have different uses from these areas. One of the most preferred food storage methods for our pet friends is freeze drying. Thus, it is always possible to reach nutritious products for them.

Apart from these, freeze-dried products are also needed in emergencies as they can be used for a long time. Especially in disaster situations, it is useful to have foods that do not require a separate energy expenditure for transportation and storage. As a different option, alternatives that provide great convenience while camping can be prepared with a freeze dryer.

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