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FD5CT Model

FD5CT Model Technical Features

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Ice Capacity (kg/lot) 5 kg
Wet Product Loading (kg/lot) 3,5 / 4
Machine Dimensions (w*d*h)(mm) (**) 631*728*850
Machine Settlement Area (m2) (**) 0,5
Machine Platform Area (m2) (*)
Ice Condenser Temperature (Centigrade) -45
Heat Conduction Convection
Rack Temperature (Centigrade) max 70
Product Cooling Place Within itself or in -40 chamber
Product Cooling Temperature (Centigrade) -32
Number of Racks 5
Rack Dimensions (mm) 235×540
Rack Clearance (mm) 44
Liquid Used in Heating Racks Electrical Heater
Number of Product Trays 5
Tray Dimensions (mm) 480*227
Tray Depth (mm) 0,5
Total Tray Area m2 20
Number of Product Loading Cars None
Rail System No
IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) None
Refrigerant R404A
Cooling Method Gas
Final Vacuum Level (Pa) 30 <
Defrost System Automatic
Power Consumption (kWh) 0,9
Circle Dimension (m) 0,38
Software unique electronic card
Compressor Embraco
Vacuum Pump Baosi
Blower None
Remote Tracking System None
Chamber AISI 304
Tray Material AISI 304
Material of Heating Racks Aluminum

(*) As a recommendaton, the recommended area may vary depending on the number of machines and layout.

(**) Represents only the seatng area of the machine. The cover sweeping area and the spaces between the machine and other devices are not included.

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