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Technical Features
Width (mm 600
Depth (mm) 725
Height (mm) 850
Volume (lt) 70
Loading Volume (lt) 1,1 lt/Tepsi
Loading Weight (kg) 4/5
Gross Weight (kg) 120
Net Weight (kg) 110
Interior Body Material AISI304
Insulation Thickness (mm) 50
Operating Temperature -40°C / +65°C
Number of Shelves (Trays) 5
Shelf (Tray) Material AISI 304
Rack (Tray) Size 222×500
Refrigerant R410a
Energy Consumption 22
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Meet With the Freeze Dryer Technology!

You can freeze-dry fruits or vegetables to make life easier for yourself and for your loved ones, or you can use them to support a healthy diet at home, at work or on a trip, or for commercial purposes due to their long-lasting nature.
You can pack the vegetables&fruits and other products that you buy at a fair price in their seasons by using the Freeze Dryer to enjoy and eat them safely during four seasons.
If you like mountaineering, camping, and hiking, nutritious and practical Freeze Dryer food packages that you prepare at home will be an integral part of your backpack.
You can prepare food packages that take up little space, and preserve their freshness for a long time without food eterioration for an earthquake bag or any emergency kit. You can feed your pet with Freeze Dryer foods you prepare at home healthily and affordably.