Freeze Dryer

One of the oldest methods of food preservation in the world is to store food by drying it. This method is based on the logic of increasing the shelf life of the products collected in the season by treating them with a certain heat. This method, which has been used by our mothers and grandmothers in their kitchens for centuries, is now combined with the power of developing technology. The technology, which shows itself in every field, also provides industrial practicality and convenience by providing drying of food.

The purpose of drying processes is to increase the shelf life of foods naturally by evaporating the water in them. In this way, while healthier foods are obtained, it is aimed to consume the foods in the healthiest way out of season. While traditional methods of drying food are more troublesome in terms of both time and comfort, you can dry the food you want faster and more comfortably with freeze dry technology. In this sense, the drying machines in the site equipped with freeze dry technology are more advantageous than the drying methods you know. While traditional drying methods at home are grueling, freeze fry gives you the opportunity to dry much more food in a short time. Moreover, while traditional drying methods at home save you time, you can provide a much faster drying with Liyolife dryers.

Freeze Dry Machines

The feeze dryer method is perfect for healthy snacks that do not lose their naturalness by utilizing new-generation food processing technologies. By preventing the loss of nutritional value in foods, shelf life is extended and new usage areas are created. Freeze dry is known as lyophilization or freeze drying. Freeze dry machines, which are an essential part of healthy life today, are a technology developed in the early 1900s. It has also contributed to many different sectors. Offering important solutions to the food industry, Freeze Dry has influenced food technology because it is healthy. It can also be used for many foods consumed in daily life. It can be used in all areas from instant coffees or milk powders used to sweeten coffee, cereals used for breakfast to medical products. Before moving on to freeze dry machines and their features, let’s briefly explain what freeze-dry is. The freeze dry method, in the most straightforward summary, is the freeze-drying method. Freeze dry machine first freezes and then the dried products. So why does the freezing process take place first and then the drying process?

Thanks to this method, the moisture in the food is not lost. The shape of the frozen product remains the same. Products dried using freeze dry technology do not lose their nutritional value. There is almost no difference between the products in their fresh state. Because the ingredients in these foods are protected by 97%. Since the protein and vitamins in the products are preserved, very healthy foods are prepared.

There are many types of freeze dry machines. These machines, which have different features, vary according to many features such as operating temperature, ice holding capacity, total tray area length, and remote access. You can examine the products with these different features and choose whichever product is suitable for you.

Freeze Dryer Machines Usage

Freeze dry machines, which have an innovative technology and are therefore used in many different sectors, especially in the food sector, have very simple usage instructions. The products are first processed through certain processes and frozen. Frozen products are dried in the next step. Basically, three steps come to the fore in the use of such machines. These can be summarized as follows:

  • In the first stage, the product is frozen. There are various pre-preparation processes for the product. After these processes, the product is frozen and goes into crystal form.
  • The next stage is the sublimation process. It can also be defined as primary drying. Sublimation processes are performed on the frozen product. The necessary energy is created for this. The water content in the product is reduced by 90-95%.
  • The last stage is the Secondary Drying stage. The water that cannot be removed in the primary drying process is removed at this stage.

Being meticulous in the use of the machine will also increase the success rate of the operations. After the drying process, which is carried out quite easily, the water content of the products is reduced. In this way, it becomes possible to keep the products intact for a much longer period of time.

Advantages of Freeze Dryers

Freeze dry, with its high technological features, practically supports the drying processes. These machines, which have an innovative design and act with the basic working principle, are used in areas such as the food industry, the chemical industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. The drying method used in freeze dry machines is a technique that has been known and used for a long time. Therefore, it has a long history. Freeze dry machines are exceptional machines that have many advantages. The water in the products is largely reduced to a minimum by freezing and then drying processes. In addition, the product remains in its fresh form. Therefore, there is no reduction in size. But it can be stored much more comfortably. Another advantage of freeze dry machines is that the products have no water to allow bacteria to live. Thus, products that can be stored for a long time can remain intact and can be used without any problems.

Freeze Dry Machine Prices

Freeze dry machine price varies depending on many factors. The freeze dry machine is a state-of-the-art freeze-dryer designed to suit customers’ applications. In the freeze-drying method, a degree of scalability is achieved with a unique control. In this way, customers are provided with flexibility over the years. The freeze dry machine is perfect for various institutions and applications with its small or large size and high capacity. It can be used in healthcare and medical fields while providing new generation freeze dryer solutions for the food industry. For freeze dry machine price information, you can get information from the contact numbers on our website.