Freeze drying is the most up-to-date and most advanced drying technology in today’s conditions. Freeze-drying technology allows the solid state of water under low temperature and low pressure to pass from ice to water vapour, a direct gaseous state, without ever turning into a liquid, to remove water from food using the principle of sublimation.

Humidity levels of products that start the drying process by sublimation in low-pressure and low-temperature environments created in the machine reduce up to 2%. In this process, no loss of shape, such as wrinkling or melting, is observed in products that do not pass into the liquid phase. The shapes of dried products are almost identical to their fresh form.

Foods exposed to high temperatures greatly lose their nutritional and vitamin value, aroma, smell, and colour. Products dried under low temperature (~40°C) and low pressure (<13 Pa) by freeze-drying method retain their nutritional and vitamin value, aroma, smell, colour, and shape. 

Freeze Dryer Food For Your Business

You can prepare freeze dryer food stocks for your use in your restaurant or catering company.

Emergency Food Kits

You can prepare emergency food kits for search and rescue organizations or the Red Crescent.

Camping Gear Stores

You can market food kits for shops selling mountaineering and camping gear.

Pet Shops and Clinics

You can produce freeze dryer foods for pet shops and clinics.

Snacks For Market or Shops

You can sell them to markets, shops and restaurants by producing a variety of snacks from fruits.

Organic Food Shops

If you have special recipes prepared from organic herbs and spices, you can offer your recipes for sale by providing a long shelf life for them with a freeze dryer.

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Easy To Use

To use your device conveniently, all you have to do is press a button. Just press the start button on the touch screen; and everything is automatic.


While freeze-drying offers high usability for fruits and vegetables, it also perfectly preserves meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, ice cream, and even fully cooked dishes.

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Freeze Dry

Freeze Dry, also known as lyophilization, is known as freeze drying. It stands out as a fruit-drying method that we have heard about recently. This technology, developed since the 1900s, has offered important solutions to the food industry. Freeze Dry, one of the world’s most advanced drying methods, protects vegetables and fruits without additives. If we look at freeze-dryers, they generally offer important solutions to the food industry. Although it affects food technology the most, this drying method is also used in foods consumed in daily life. Let’s take a general look at the usage of this method: – The freeze-drying method is quite easy with machines. First, the products are frozen, and when these products meet the appropriate preparation conditions, the freezing process is continued until they take a crystalline form. – The products in the desired form are transferred to the primary drying stage. This drying process will reduce the water content in the product by 90% to 95%. – After the process, the secondary drying process is started to reduce the water remaining on the product thoroughly. Thus, the water contained in the products is withdrawn, and the drying process is completed.

History of Freeze Drying

Freeze-drying is an ancient method used for water removal, now prevalent in health and food industries. Centuries ago, Inuit and Incas practised primitive freeze-drying, using natural elements like cold winds and sun. Laboratory use began in the late 1880s for heat-sensitive materials like antibiotics. The 1950s saw the industrial freeze-drying of foods, notably coffee, and later for astronaut food like freeze-dried ice cream. Today, its applications span food, pharmaceuticals, and even museum preservation, with an increasing variety of freeze-dried products in the market.

Use of Freeze-Dry Lyophilizer

Freeze Dry, the freeze-drying technique, is also known as lyophilization. Professionally produced freeze-dryer machines are the most frequently used applications in this sense. In general, the machines are used to freeze the amount of water containing the products and remove them at low pressure and temperature without losing the basic structure of the products. In this application, which is made with Freeze Dry, fruits and vegetables are frozen and turned into ice crystals. The temperature is then lowered, and a lower pressure is applied. The sublimation of the formed ice crystals directly transforms into water vapor. Thus, the amount of moisture in the products is greatly reduced, and the products are dried at low temperatures. Freeze-dryer technology ensures long-lasting products without losing their nutritional value, odor, taste, and shape. It is among the most popular drying methods. In the freeze-dry stage, you can perform your drying processes using professional machines. This type of machine stands out as a general-purpose freeze-dryer machine. It has been designed considering the factors required in food freeze-drying techniques and has many advantages in the food and health fields. With Freeze Dry, many food and beverage products, including all meats, vegetables, fruits, and instant coffee products, are dried and preserved in this way.

Freeze Dry Products

With freeze-dry technology, a new generation of freeze-dryer, healthy and long-lasting freeze-dryer products are possible. Moreover, the products will retain their freshness for a long, thanks to this process. So, how can these foods, which do not lose their freshness and volume, be preserved this way? Thanks to freeze-dryer technology, the foods that do not lose their moisture and shape remain constant; their forms and tastes remain the same. With Freeze Dry, you will have technology that allows you to dry all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and red and white meat, such as meat and fish, can be dried healthily. Freeze-dryer products are very diverse in terms of color and features. You can choose any product for your home with this color scale. In this way, you will provide a much better image. You can reach freeze-dry products from the section on the site.

Freeze Dry Usage Areas

Freeze-dry usage areas are quite wide. This technology is frequently preferred in many different areas because it is a special technology that allows products to be freeze-dried. Freeze-dry is often a preferred method in food applications. Plants, fruits, vitamins, animal products, and many more are dried with freeze-dryer technology. The products are frozen and dried after undergoing various processes in the food sector. The fact that the moisture in the products is greatly reduced allows them to be dried at low temperatures. The sizes of the foods dried with innovative technology are the same as the fresh foods.

For this reason, it is possible to state that there is no reduction in the size of the products after the drying process. The main reason for using this technology in the food industry is to prevent the product from spoiling at room temperature by reducing the humidity in the product. Another prominent sector for the use of freeze-dryers is chemistry. At the same time, this technology is needed in biological applications such as cell and tissue applications, enzymes, drugs, and biological agents. On the other hand, freeze-dryer technology is important in museum recovery studies. The water content in archaeological items, books, and wood products is minimal. In this way, the deterioration of products is prevented.

Freeze Dry Benefits

Freeze Dry, which has been frequently preferred, especially recently, is a technique that has many advantages. We can list the advantages and benefits of Freeze Dry, which is mostly used in the food industry, as follows: 

– After the freezing and drying process, the water level of the food is at a level to prevent spoilage. Therefore, there is no need to add any additives to food products to avoid spoilage.

– Drying at low temperatures helps them preserve their nutritional value. In this way, we can say that they have high nutritional value.

– Drying with the principle of sublimation ensures that foods retain their original aroma and smell.

– Compared to its fresh state, its weight decreases to 1 in 10. This means that foods gain a very light form. It is easier to maintain.

– Since they will have low moisture content after the processes, their shelf life will be equally long. 

– Since the cell structures will not be deformed, they can return to their former form quickly and easily when they re-intake water.

The Relationship of Frozen Products with the Market

The freeze-dried products market is rapidly growing due to its ability to maintain high quality and nutritional value, resembling fresh products. This method is particularly beneficial for heat-sensitive and high-value foods. Freeze drying involves freezing the product and removing water through sublimation under reduced pressure, preserving the food’s shape, texture, and nutritional content. Freeze-dried foods, like strawberries, retain the color, aroma, and shape better than other drying methods. They rehydrate quickly and maintain their original size and shape. This process significantly reduces food weight, making transportation and storage more efficient. Freeze-dried foods have a long shelf life, up to 15-20 years, and are ideal for camping or emergencies. The global freeze-dried food market is growing at 7.4% annually.

Freeze Dry Prices

Technological tools serve the purpose of facilitating and accelerating the life of human beings. At home, at work, and in social life, specialized tools have become indispensable in life. So, what features do you look for in technological products? First of all, I hear you say longevity and quality. Freeze-dry offers you a unique opportunity in this sense. Freeze Dry, which is one step ahead in its field in terms of both quality and durability, is a savior product that should be at hand. Freeze-dryer prices are kept at affordable prices for you. By carefully examining the features in this product range, you can choose the most suitable product for you. For more detailed information about freeze-dry prices, remember to contact the contact section on the site.