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FD1000 Model

FD1000 Model Technical Features

Ice Capacity (kg/lot) 1000 kg
Wet Product Loading (kg/lot) 500 / 875
Total Tray Area (m2) 75
Tray Size (mm) 625×750
Number of Product Trays (Piece) 160
Tray Depth (mm) 35
Power Consumption (kWh) 55
Operating Voltage 380/400V/td>
Defrost System Hot Water (Automatic)
Machine Dimensions (w*d*h) (mm) (**) 3749x5557x2856
Machine Layout Area (m2) (**) 20
Engine Room Area (m2) (*) 40
Number of Shelves 34
Shelf Dimensions (mm) 650×4000
Shelf Spacing (mm) 70
Circle Measurement (m) 2.5
Final Vacuum Level (Pa) 13 ≤
Vacuum Pump Pfeiffer or Edwards
Compressor Bitzer or Dorin
Refrigerant R404A
Cooling Path Gas
Software PLC
Remote monitoring system Option
Chamber (Win) AISI 304
Tray Material AISI 304
Material of Heating Racks Aluminum
Ice Condenser Temperature (°C) -45
Shelf Temperature (°C) max 100
Thermal Conduction Radiation
Product Cooling Temperature (°C) -32
Product Cooling Place -40 Cooling Room
Warming racks Glycol
Number of Product Loading Cars 5
Rail System Yes
(*) It is a recommendation. Recommended space for number of machines
and may vary depending on the layout plan.
(**) Represents only the seating area of the machine.
Cover sweeping area and other devices of the machine
spaces between them are not included.
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