Freeze Dry Machine Maintenance and Repair

Freeze Dry Machine Maintenance and Repair

Freeze dry is one of the healthiest storage methods in today’s technology. The freeze-drying method includes the steps of freezing the product first, sublimation by reducing the pressure, and removing the water in the product. This dehydration process, which is carried out at a low temperature, is carried out with a freeze-dryer machine, and the maintenance of the freeze dry machine is therefore very important.

The Freeze dry technology is preferred because it effectively preserves its nutritional values compared to other storage methods. Traditional storage methods or storage methods using heat treatment may cause the products to lose important properties such as color, taste, smell and vitamins.

For this reason, it is important to maintain the products used for drying by freezing, to store the products efficiently, and to use the device for a long time. We share important information about Freeze dry machine maintenance for you.

Things to Consider When Using a Freeze Dry Machine

Freeze drying is a very effective method for products that are sensitive to a certain temperature, for which traditional drying methods are not suitable, as well as for foods and medicines. Before giving information about the maintenance of the Freeze dry machine, it would be more accurate to explain how it works.

There are many types of freeze dry. However, they all have similar components. Usually, they all have a vacuum chamber, racks, process condenser, rack liquid system, cooling system, vacuum system, and control system.

The process starts with freezing the products in the machine at -40 degrees. Then, the ice is evaporated by the vacuum effect created around the food. All these processes take place automatically with a single button on the machine.

With the freeze-drying method, the products do not deteriorate and food waste is prevented. Compared to other storage methods, the shelf life of the products is longer and it provides healthy preservation for many years. For maximum efficiency, using the devices used in the freeze dry method requires great precision.

The most important factor to be considered in the use of these devices is to have sufficient knowledge about the maintenance of the freeze dry machine. It is also essential to pay attention to the area where you will place your machine, both to increase its usefulness and to maintain it easily.

5 Maintenance and Repair Tips for Freeze Dryers

The service life of Freeze dry devices depends on how the device is used, the frequency of use and how much care is taken in its maintenance. The average life of the dryers is stated as 10-15 years. However, the more attention you pay to the maintenance and repair of your machine, you can get maximum efficiency. With a few tips, you can safely use your freeze dryer for years. Here we present 5 maintenance and repair tips for freeze dryers for you.

Replacing Chamber and Condenser Gaskets

At the end of a certain year, the mechanical components of freeze dry machines may wear out. Therefore, it is important to replace the worn parts and repair the parts with a loss of performance. Replacing the chamber and condenser seals when necessary is among the priority issues for freeze dry machine maintenance.

Regular Vacuum Pump Maintenance

In order for the Freeze dryer devices to work properly, the oil coming out of the vacuum pump must be cleaned at the end of each batch. Because if steam enters the pump, the probability of damage to the pump is very high. To limit this, frequent oil changes are recommended.

How often the oil needs to be changed for Freeze dry machine maintenance depends on the type of pump and frequency of use. It is recommended to drain and filter the oil every 4-5 batches. We can also say that this process takes a very short time and is not a difficult one.

During oil changes, washer fluid can be used to clean any dirt inside the vacuum pump. Maintaining oil levels is very important for freeze dry machine maintenance. In this respect, pumps should never be operated above or below the recommended oil levels and should be monitored regularly.

Draining the Water from the Dryer

Those who start to use Freeze dry and do research “Does it need to drain the water accumulated in the Freeze dry device?” can ask the question. During the freeze-drying process, the water in the machine sublimates (evaporates) the freeze-dried material and freezes in the drying chamber.

At the end of the process, the freeze dryer has a defrost cycle that changes the temperature. The frozen water then returns to a liquid form. For this reason, you need to pour the outflow reservoir into a container of your choice. You can pour this water into a sink or use it to water your plants for evaluation.

Cleaning the Dryer After Each Use

Freeze dry devices must be thawed, emptied, and cleaned after each use. Cleaning the air-cooled condenser and the inside of the cabinet is an integral part of periodic maintenance. This cleaning for the upkeep of the Freeze dry machine is one of the most important factors for the long-term use of the machine.

So how can you clean your freeze dry machine? You can find out which products are suitable for disinfection, and the alternatives while purchasing your device. In addition, white vinegar is among the disinfectants that can be used for safe cleaning.

Testing the System for Proper Performance

It is important to have the device in full control after all the operations and replacement parts for the Freeze dry machine maintenance. Testing the device in order to understand the malfunctions that affect its performance is an important stage of periodic maintenance. It should be especially noted for freeze dryers.

These machines are lab workers used for years when enough attention is paid to their maintenance requirements. Freeze dry machines are designed to use for many years. Therefore, it should be used with caution until it becomes inoperable. Strive for freeze dry machine maintenance can greatly increase its lifespan.

The use of advanced drying technologies instead of traditional food drying methods such as sun drying is very important for increasing product quality and energy efficiency. By examining Liyolife freeze dry machines, you can bring high technology to your kitchens and preserve your products in the healthiest way. Thus, the installation of the product you choose is provided by authorized services and necessary trainings are provided.

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