How to Make Freeze-Dried Coffee

How to Make Freeze-Dried Coffee

The new generation coffee shops opened today, and the remarkable barista training show that coffee consumption habits have changed. Coffee is now interpreted as art. The origin of coffee dates back to Arabica coffee trees in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia.

It was first discovered in and around Yemen. The marketplace and export leader of coffee production is shown as Brazil. In summary, it is stated that coffee has the largest trade share after oil. We can say that it has taken its place among the most trendy drinks with globalization.

The market share of coffee evolves in different ways. First of all, it is prepared by vacuuming while preserving its smell. It changed size with the later discovered granule coffee. With the enrichment of its presentation and content, coffee has become an element of pleasure. While today’s technology improves food storage methods, freeze-dried coffee has opened the door to obtaining coffee with a long shelf life, odor, and taste.

How Did Granulated Coffee Come About?

When you look at the coffee varieties, you can see many options according to the type of preparation. Turkish coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Mocha, filter coffee, known for its popularity, and granulated coffee are some of them. The most used coffee beans are Robusta and Arabica. In fact, you can see that Arabica beans are preferred more in coffee packages because Robusta is a little harder.

Robusta also contains more caffeine. For this reason, the mixture known as blended is used in coffees. What is granulated coffee, one of the most common types of coffee? Let’s get to know it together.

Coffee that dissolves and becomes ready to drink when placed in hot water is defined as granular coffee. Granular coffee is also known as instant coffee in daily life. So how did granulated coffee originate and spread? Looking at its history, the first granulated coffee started to be produced in Chicago in 1901. Coffee produced by a chemist named Satori Kato spread in a short time.

The discovery of granulated coffee is one of the factors affecting coffee consumption. In recent years, some countries have begun to see a decline in the consumption rates of other coffees along with granulated coffee. The fact that changes in nutritional tendencies also affect beverage preferences may be among the factors that play a role in this. In Turkey, there has been an increase in coffee consumption in recent years. We can summarize the main reasons as follows:

  • Increase in coffee imports
  • Young population’s interest in coffee and its types
  • Domination of the world market by boutique coffee shops with a new addition every day

Considering the coffee consumption in our country, studies have been conducted showing that granule coffee is consumed close to or even more than Turkish coffee in certain periods.

Spraying or freeze-drying methods are used to obtain granulated coffee. In the spray method, the coffee extract is sprayed towards the hot air. As a result, moisture evaporates quickly. The powdered coffee in it is separated.

Freeze-dried coffee, on the other hand, seems to be more effective, especially in preserving the smell and flavor of the coffee.

Making Freeze-Dried Coffee

With the development of technology, one of the healthiest food storage methods is freeze drying, also known as freeze drying. Why freeze drying? Because the products are frozen first. Then the water is removed by applying low temperature and pressure. The sublimation effect is effective in preserving the nutritional value, taste, and smell of foods.

It is also possible to see the effect of freeze dry technology on freeze-dried coffee. So, how is freeze-dried coffee made? We researched it, thinking it would be of interest to coffee lovers.

To obtain freeze-dried coffee, the coffee is freeze-ground at -40 or -50 degrees. It is made into soluble coffee by processing low-temperature water vapor in small frozen coffee pieces. This type of coffee can be easily obtained with freeze dry machines where lyophilization process is provided. When you wake up in the morning, you must mix your coffee with hot water.

Liyolife uses freeze dry technology in the best way with its products and equipment. You can examine the features of the products on our site and obtain the freeze dry machine you need. You can benefit from the Lyolife freeze dry technology, which has a long shelf life and high quality storage conditions for many food groups and freeze-dried coffee.

Properties of Freeze-Dried Coffee

When you think of coffee, a steaming cup may come to your mind and you may feel like you are smelling the intense smell of coffee beans. In fact, although today’s coffee consumption habits focus on quantity, the quality of coffee is of great importance. For this reason, freeze-dried coffee can have an impact on our preferences when buying coffee with its features.

The taste and rich aroma of freeze-dried coffees are preserved. The most important feature is that it provides the protection of many useful properties in coffee. In addition, more intense flavor, light caramel color and smooth pyramid shape are different features from other granular coffee options.

The biggest difference between freeze-dried coffee and granulated coffee from other coffees is the way they are prepared. While Turkish coffee requires the technique of cooking, filter coffee filtering / brewing, granulated coffee is prepared by dissolving it directly in hot water. Generally, 1 measure / 1 teaspoon of granulated coffee is used for a 200 ml cup. Here, the person’s taste also determines the amount of coffee. Sweetening with cream, milk powder or sugar is also a form of preparation that depends entirely on the individual.

Benefits of Granulated Coffee

In recent years, it has been observed that coffee consumption habits have changed and consumption has increased in Turkey. For this reason, the benefits of coffee are very much wondered. The first feature of coffee that comes to mind is its refreshing effect with the caffeine it contains. However, it is also among the opinions that granulated coffee can be harmful because it is a processed product and contains a chemical known as acrylamide during the roasting stage.

However, the fact that it contains less caffeine and alternatives such as freeze-dried coffee reveal the positive effects of coffee. Let’s talk about one of the topics that coffee lovers are most curious about. What are the benefits of granulated coffee, which is used very often with its practical use and taste? We list for you the following:

  • It has an effect on brain function. Caffeine gives vitality while increasing brain functions.
  • It accelerates metabolism. It is stated that it has positive effects on fat burning.
  • It reduces the risks of nervous system diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • It is stated that it reduces the risk of diabetes and has positive effects for the liver. It is stated that it can be especially effective in preventing Type 2 diabetes.
  • It is among the sources of antioxidants.
  • Making other types of coffee, such as Turkish coffee and filter coffee, can be a bit more difficult. Granular coffee preparation is also very advantageous in terms of time. It is preferred not only in homes but also in travels, guesthouses and hotel rooms because it is easy to prepare granulated coffee. It is possible to say that it is a practical and economical coffee that is prepared without the need for any equipment, contains less caffeine.

It is emphasized that the most important thing for all coffees in general, not just granulated coffee, freeze-dried coffee, is the amount consumed. Consumption of 3 cups of granulated coffee per day can be considered normal.

It should also be taken into account that this amount may vary from person to person. In addition, care should be taken not to consume caffeine in the evening and at night so that it does not adversely affect the quality of sleep. You can start the day with the best freeze-dried coffee thanks to the freeze dryer products that you can choose under the guidance of Liyolife.

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