ARDSI Machinery Equipment List

ARDSI Machinery Equipment List

A country needs to have more production opportunities for its economic development. Domestic production can be supported through agriculture and rural development. At the same time, employment opportunities also increase. In this respect, the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (ARDSI) is taking essential steps for the progress of our country’s economy.

In line with these essential steps, it primarily supports companies that produce red meat, eggs, and milk. Rural tourism, beekeeping, herbal products, and plant production are among the sectors to which the institution gives support and grants. With the ARDSI Machinery Equipment List preparations, agricultural enterprises can apply for equipment suitable for their structure.

ARDSI is the institution that will implement IPARD, which is also called the Agriculture and Rural Development Programme. In this respect, IPARD supports are of great importance for the development of countries in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry.

It ensures that the applications and productions in this sector are brought to European standards. Another critical point is that it plays a significant role in eliminating the differences arising from the level of development between rural areas and cities.

What are ARDSI Machine Parks?

Machine parks include investments that will serve the everyday needs of the local agricultural sector. For machinery parks, assets within the scope of the activity must be in rural areas. All construction works for which support is requested, and the ARDSI Machinery Equipment List must be related to the fields of activity of the applicant manufacturer organization.

Agricultural Equipment Provided with the Support of ARDSI

Thanks to ARDSI and IPARD, it is possible to establish a modern facility by acquiring more technological tools. You can see a classification regarding the purchase of machinery and equipment as follows:

– Purchase of garden and field equipment for plant production

– Purchase of equipment, machinery (harvester, fertilizer, plows, etc.), and post-harvest materials (pre-cooling equipment, crates, bins, etc.) for plant production

– Purchase of machinery and equipment including computers, special software, and special technological equipment for the production, storage/ventilation, drying, processing, and packaging of products, machinery, and equipment preferred among food drying methods

– Purchase of necessary machinery and equipment for greenhouses (only greenhouses made of glass, long-lasting plastic, or other materials, except for short-lived plastic)

– Purchase of machinery and equipment, including computers, special software, and special technological equipment for lighting, irrigation, heating/air conditioning, ventilation, spraying, fertilization systems

– Purchase of machinery/equipment for renewable energy generation for self-consumption

– Purchase of special technological equipment, including IT and software

– Lab equipment

– Equipment for promotion and marketing

If you are operating in the provinces within the scope of the ARDSI IPARD program, you can gain the right to purchase state-supported agricultural machinery and equipment. Here are some of the agricultural equipment offered with the support of ARDSI:


Tractor support within the scope of the IPARD program supports is very important for rural development in agriculture. Thanks to the state-supported tractor grant support, farmers can have the opportunity to renew their tractors.

The state provides grant support to purchase a specific part of the tractor. This way, farmers who want to buy or renew tractors can go to the Provincial Directorates of Agriculture and Forestry or apply online. It will be helpful to research whether you meet the necessary conditions before applying for the tractor included in the ARDSI Machinery Equipment List.

Tractor Front or Rear Loader

With the tractor front and rear loader, it is possible to transport a material located at ground level and drop it on the dump truck or in an open trench. For this reason, loaders among ARDSI Machinery Equipment List machines are very important for agricultural activities.

Freeze Dry Machine

Freeze Dry technology is one of the healthiest and most technological food storage methods today. The water in the frozen food is sublimated with low temperature and pressure and dried. With a freeze dryer, the shelf life of many foods is extended. It can be stored without losing nutritional value, color, or taste.

It provides an economic advantage by preventing product loss. For this reason, it is possible for those who carry out agricultural activities and want to benefit from the ARDSI Machinery Equipment List grant support to apply for a freeze-dry machine.

Liyolife freeze-dry machines contain special software. Thus, all stages in the freeze-drying process of foods are carried out automatically. It becomes convenient to store foods in a healthy and delicious way and to maintain the cold chain application. You can evaluate our products and product features on our website to obtain the machines you need for the ARDSI Machinery Equipment List.

Baler Machine

The work of packing materials such as grass, straw, hay, and feed is defined as baling. Balers, on the other hand, are machines that allow forage, stubble, or similar materials to be taken and compressed in a dispersed form and turn them into bales. For this reason, it is frequently used in agricultural activities. If you are within the scope of ARDSI and IPARD, you can apply for a baler between the ARDSI Machinery Equipment List.


Grass and lawnmowers get their movement from the tractor PTO. The blades on the drum are free oscillating. These blades mow grass, meadows, and plants, which can be considered green fodder plants. The most significant advantage of grass/grass mowers is that they allow the grass to be cut without spoiling. However, it facilitates agricultural activities by saving time and budget. In this respect, it is also considered for application within the ARDSI Machinery Equipment List.


Vehicles attached to the back of motor vehicles and used to carry loads are defined as trailers. These vehicles are wheeled and non-motorized. It can be used with trucks, trucks, and tractors, which are heavy vehicles. Therefore, it is an essential tool used in areas where agricultural activities are carried out. It is included in the ARDSI Machinery Equipment List.

Feed Crusher Machine

Some plants are not suitable for human consumption. In this respect, it can be made suitable for animals. Feed-crushing machines shred wet or dry plants that can be used as animal feed. If you operate in regions covered by ARDSI state support, you can apply for a feed crushing machine in the ARDSI Machinery Equipment List.

Grass Silage Machine

Silage is one of the most economical methods of storing grass. It facilitates timely evacuation of the field. The green fodder prepared for silage is collected and chopped with a silage machine, and the uncut plants are harvested. It is then transported to a vehicle by shredding it and blowing it. It is a machine that saves time in agricultural activities and saves storage space in its self-propelled or tractor-driven models.

Corn Silage Machine

Corn silage machines, which are very important for agricultural activities, are also among the devices working behind the tractor. Corn silage machine blades are of great importance to obtain efficiency in corn silage machines that can receive grant support among the ARDSI Machinery Equipment List.


Harvesting machines are essential in areas where agricultural activities are carried out. The function of these machines emerges in the ripening crop plants when parts such as fruit, leaves, and stems are plucked from the field or garden. Machines that cut, remove, clean, and transport plants are called harvesters. The harvester is among the priority machines in the grant support application within the ARDSI Machinery Equipment List submitted for agricultural areas.

With the developing technology, agriculture and rural development projects have started to be carried out in modern agriculture. In this direction, saving time and obtaining efficient products is more accessible. In particular, programs such as ARDSI and IPARD, which provide state support, provide many opportunities to benefit the farmer and the country’s economy. While benefiting from this support, you can benefit from the Freeze Dry technology and products offered by our Liyolife brand and ensure maximum efficiency in local production.

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