Freeze-drying is the most up-to-date and most advanced drying technology in today’s conditions. Freeze-drying technology allows the solid state of water under low temperature and low pressure to pass from ice to water vapor, which is a direct gaseous state without ever turning into a liquid, to remove water from food using the principle of sublimation.

Humidity levels of products that start the drying process by sublimation in low pressure and low-temperature environment created in the machine reduce up to 2%. In this process, no loss of shapes, such as wrinkling or melting, is observed in products that do not pass into the liquid phase. The shapes of dried products are almost identical to their fresh form.

Foods exposed to high temperatures greatly lose their nutritional and vitamin value, aroma, smell, and color. Products dried under low temperature (~40°C) and low pressure (<13 Pa) by freeze drying method retain their nutritional and vitamin value, aroma, smell, color, and shape.

Freeze Dryer Food For Your Business

You can prepare Freeze Dryer food stocks for your use in your restaurant or catering company.

Emergency Food Kits

You can prepare emergency food kits for search and rescue organizations or the Red Crescent.

Camping Gear Stores

You can market food kits for shops selling mountaineering and camping gear.

Pet Shops and Clinics

You can produce Freeze Dryer foods for pet shops and clinics.

Snacks For Market or Shops

You can sell them to markets, shops and restaurants by producing a variety of snacks from fruits.

Organic Food Shops

If you have special recipes prepared from organic herbs and spices, you can offer your recipes for sale by providing a long shelf life for them with a Freeze Dryer.

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Easy To Use

To use your device conveniently, all you have to do is press a button. Just press the start button on the touch screen; and everything is automatic.


While freeze-drying offers high usability for fruits and vegetables, it also perfectly preserves meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, ice cream, and even fully cooked dishes.

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